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Yemeni Rights Activist Nada Al-Ahdal Calls to Raise Awareness of "Heinous Crime" of Child Marriage

Yemeni teenager Nada Al-Ahdal, who fled home to avoid an arranged marriage at the age of 11 and has established an institute for the protection of children’s rights, said that the institute dealt with a myriad of issues, including the recruitment of child soldiers, underage marriage, and child labor. Speaking on the Yemeni Alghad Al-Moshreq TV channel on March 19, 2017, Al-Ahdal talked of the importance of raising awareness to the dangers inherent in the phenomenon of child marriage, saying that this was even more important than legislation. Nada Al-Ahdal became an Internet sensation when a video she posted on YouTube, pleading for help when her parents tried to marry her off, went viral, after being translated by MEMRI.


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