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Reasons for child marriage | اسباب زواج القاصرات

Reasons for Minors Marriage:
Traditions and habits that are unjust, cruel and painful
Our parents became victims of the wrong habits that killed girls
And is still killing more and more girls.
The beliefs of fathers to marry a girl in a young age
is considered to preserve her honor, secure her future and protect her from spinsterhood,
like what happened with girls before them,
Forgetting that marriage kills her future, destroys her life and deprives her of education,
And contribute to the backwardness of society.

Poverty: which is a justification for such marriages. The marriage of young girls for money is a trading of children,
The trader plays the role of the groom and the seller takes advantage of the role of child guardian,
And the product is a little girl who does not understand anything.
This is the bitter truth that society ignores.

Displacement and War : Generate frightening phenomena and major problems in insecurity
For example, in Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen,
Parents marry their child to the soldier or to any man so that he can protect her and in the same time parents unhand their responsibility and expenses.
This is the case in many countries where displacement, disasters and wars occur.

Inequality between the sexes by considering the girl a disgrace must be eliminated by marriage,
And the abandonment of the family responsibility of mistakes may be committed by her,
Outside the framework of law or custom
Such as the type of clothing worn or the completion of education.


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