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Just a reminder > The horror show in Yemen / US alliance with al Qaeda ?!

Rania Khalek: “Most shocking of all an estimated 113,000 children died in 2016 and 2017” … US supports Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Rania Khalek is an American journalist, writer and political commentator based in the Middle East. Khalek has written for a variety of publications, including the Nation, the Intercept, Al Jazeera, Salon, Vice, the Electronic Intifada and Alternet. She is known for her reporting on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and has also done work on the Syrian Civil War, United States foreign policy in the Middle East, US presidential elections and the US criminal justice system. She also hosts the ‘Unauthorized Disclosure’ podcast.

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HANDS OFF SYRIA (26.11.2018 / creative commons)


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