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About Your Marriage – Things You Must Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

Learning is a life time ventures and you cannot afford to be complacent, you need to continue to update yourself and become better by the day. This is very important, because if you are not current, you can never be correct.

Proverb 24:3-7, Proverb 14:1


There are lots of things to know, there are lots of things to develop. Never overlook them, go and learn them, they will make your marriage to be better than you ever imagined. They are:

1.Communication.Somebody said, “Most marriages do get bad; mouth first”. If you can master the act of communication, you will be on top of all issues in your marriage. Think and talk right, get to know the “when”, “how”, “what”, “why” and where of communication. Use the right timing, right tone, right expression and win your spouse forever. Colossians 4:6

2.Love Languages. Learn your spouse’s love languages and speak them. What makes him or her feel loved? What excite him or her? What can awaken boyish fantasy in him? You need to study the man or woman you marry.

Proverb 15:1, Proverb 15:23

3.Family Finance. You need to become a family financial expert. You must master the art of making money legitimately. You must also learn how to manage your family finance rightly. Know about budgeting, savings, investment, and by all means improve your financial intelligence. Proverb 12:24, Proverb 31:13-22.

4.Parenting. You must learn the act of parenting. You must know that bearing a child is easy for any mature woman, but raising a child is another thing. Most mothers rear child; great mother train theirs. Proverb 13:24, Proverb 22:6.

5.Romance. Relearn romance; learn to send good and romantic love messages to your spouse. Revive your boyish or girlish experiences. Make the home a place to be for him or her, let your spouse be happy that he or she married you.

Smile, laugh, play with him, sing for him, dress romantically just for him.

6.Sexual Skill. Agreed you have being making love to your spouse since you married him, but you need to re-learn to stop all his or her complaints. There is something him or her want that he or she is not getting, give him, be more creative, be more available and be more terrific. Proverb 5:15-19.

Source by Bisi Adewale

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