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Why have so many persons decided to get married? Each person has his/ her personal reasons why he has decided to tie the knot as we say in the Caribbean. The first reason stems from a general, neutral feeling of doing the right thing if a young lady gets pregnant. Neither party wants the mom-to-be, to be a single parent and have the child out of wedlock; therefore, they become one and raise their child in a nuclear family. Secondly, the topic of citizenship also plays an important role in the decision-making process.

This is done in order for a partner to obtain working and living rights in a particular country. Many times, there is no relationship between either party. A guy may monetarily bribe or encourage a female to assist him in getting his ‘papers’ to prevent him from getting deported; after that, they go their separate ways.

Another factor that gives its own advice on this topic is ‘the get rich quick’ scheme. Here, males and females alike, cash in big in this greedy investment, when they choose an unsuspecting partner that they can depend on for life. Targeted singers, self-employed businessmen/business women, actresses, or models are among the few that persons marry for money or material gain. Although they may not be forced into the marriage, these wealthy persons are unaware of the ulterior motives of their partner.

Another very important cause of marriage is religious reasons; for some persons, this step is also compulsory. In some religions, even to date, is a serious breech in religion. Partners are chosen by parents, and, in most cases, a guy meets his wife-to-be on the day of the wedding. They marry very young, by the age of eighteen many of them are wed. As a result, there is no room for pre-marital sexual relationships.

Finally, and most importantly, (drum roll…) there is, true love. Because many couples still rely on genuine love, they defy all odds and decide to get married. They commit to each other through good times and hardships, and are willing to spend the rest of their lives as a unit. Children, riches, rights, or religion may or may not be a deciding factor, but love is enough for them. They will not risk losing each other, for fear of not finding another with the same qualities. Although some of the causes may be morally debatable or simply not enough stability to be included in the recipe for a good marriage, this still qualify for many persons.


Source by Leonie Woodley

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