Newspapers in Yemen and Abroad

Despite her challenges and abuses, Nada persists in advocating for voiceless youth, earning her the respect and regard of the global public as a Children’s Rights hero.

Television Interviews

To raise awareness and create public dialogue, Nada participated in numerous interviews on MBC1 and Al Arabia. Her story brought to light the realities of child marriage thus opening the tradition proponents claim adheres to Sharia law, to scrutiny.

MBC1 Documentary

Nada’s story came out at a time when Yemen was seeking to reform its constitution. Bringing to attention the issue of child marriage, the case threatened the position of religious conservatives opposed to change, who sought to discredit the veracity of Nada’s claims. In support of Nadda MBC1, the leading media outlet in the Middle […]

Short Films

Many short films were made about Nada’s experiences and shared on social media and official news outlets. The films help in publicising the issues of child marriage and the sale of underage brides by their families.

Video goes Viral

Within three days of posting, Nada’s first video on YouTube reached more than six million views. It was widely circulated and ultimately translated into thirty languages. The first hand account of underage forced marriage raised awareness and outrage and was broadcast on television channels around the world.

Film Performance

To raise awareness for the harms of child marriage. Nada took part in a film about a child bride, called, “I am Nujood, aged 10 and divorced.” The film won an award for the best feature film in Dubai’s 12th annual International Film Festival, and was nominated for an Oscar.