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Nada Al-Ahdal (born February 2, 2002) a human rights activist and resident of Yemen known for escaping two different child marriage pacts which her parents had arranged it for her. In 2013, I posted a YouTube video decrying child marriage showcasing her story and her experience in being forced into marriage contracts, which quickly went viral and prompted coverage of Yemen’s continued practice of child marriage.

She managed to influence the comprehensive national dialogue conference in Yemen to pass and apply a law of criminalizing the marriage of minors under the age of 18 , and that is after launching her first video to rally the international media to denounce the marriage of minors.

 Below are highlights of her main not limited to her achievement during the awareness campaign she held throughout herlife:

What if the girl completed her education, had the opportunity to grow socially and emotionally with her peers, and married after the legal age with her own convictions ? Let us imagine that this is our society. And these are our customs and traditions. And we view the lives of adolescent girls the same way we view the lives of male children.

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