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Yemen Is A Failed State (2014)

Life On Hold (2014): After six wars in a decade Yemen is a state in chaos. Some 250,000 people remain displaced. This report gains rare access to the Houthi-controlled areas of northwestern Yemen’s displaced.

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“The reason I visit my village is for love of it. I always miss it”. Qasim Yahya Ali has been living at the Al-Masraq camp for Internally Displaced Persons for the past three years. The authorities have tried to encourage refugees like Qasim to return home, but damage to houses, continuing insecurity, and a lack of basic services all stand in the way. “What do we come back to? Can’t you see our house is ruined?” This report tells the stark story of Qasim’s struggle to look after his family in the most precarious of circumstances. “Here you don’t have to worry about the landmines. If you step on one, it will explode, and you’ll die”.

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