Explanatory statement about Siyaj Organization rumors

Clarification on retooling the negative standing of Siyaj Organization against me Freedom and peace for all supporters of freedom and peace, I noticed in the past few days that a Facebook post was re-published written by Ahmed Al Qurashi, the president of Siyaj Childhood Protection Organization three years ago, and although I did not find […]

زواج القاصرات | Lebanon Protesters Shut Down Parliament and Clash With Police

زواج القاصرات BEIRUT, Lebanon — Protesters on Tuesday stopped Parliament from convening to discuss a package of controversial laws that critics fear could provide amnesty for past corruption, as crowds blocked roads leading to government buildings and skirmishes broke out with the riot police. The action comes on the 34th day of widespread antigovernment protests […]

Just a reminder > Divorce Tips: How To Heal From A Divorce In One Therapy Session

Healing from a divorce does take time and people going through this process are apt to experience a range of emotions including sadness, guilt, anger, resentment, anxiety, frustration and depression. The good news is that therapy can expedite the healing process and help people to view the end of their marriage in a more positive […]


Every girl has the right to decide her own future, but not every girl knows this – that’s why empowering girls is so crucial to ending child marriage. When girls are confident in their abilities, armed with knowledge of their rights and supported by peer groups of other empowered girls, they are able to stand […]

Just a reminder > Child Custody – Tips For Building Your Case

Couples sometimes neglect opportunities to amicably resolve disputes when involved in the emotion and stress of separation and divorce. This is especially true in matters of parenting and child custody. If the two parties are willing to work together and avoid the courtroom, mediation can be a more favorable option, but in many cases, both […]

Just a reminder > A Look at California Child Support Calculator Software

Attorneys, judges or divorcing parents in California cannot simply generate a child support amount out of thin air. Child support amounts are carefully calculated based on detailed guidelines set out by the California state legislature. The formulas reflect the state’s current standard of living, eligible children, prior financial obligations, tax and income information and other […]