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مخاطر زواج القاصرات | Detriments of Child Marriage

Detriments of the marriage of minors !
According to reliable studies,
Most girls end up dying during pregnancy or childbirth
Because of her body’s inability to endure,
There are a host of important issues that are detrimental to the girl’s own interests if she survives,
And reflected on society.

First, depriving her of the tenderness of the parents that result in being psychologically and emotionally collapse.
When parents become old and need the help of their children
They find disobedience because their daughters remember their suffering
that they found in their childhood as a result of these marriages,
And the mental image of any girl suffered from the injustice of her husband
Or deprived of education is not easily erased and accompanied her throughout her life.
You may find the fathers repeatedly apologize to their daughters about this marriage,
Which makes them reprimand their conscience because of the serious consequences of these marriages for society.

While girls who have completed their education become more grateful to their parents,
Because they feel proud of their parents’ patience and taking the responsibility in their upbringing and completion of their education
And their resistance to the wrong customs and traditions,
The family becomes the most cohesive and proud family.

Second: Leaving her study
It is a compulsory issue if we assume her husband allowed her to complete her studies for several reasons including:
1 – Customs and traditions: which impose the married girl to be in her husband’s house and “only/or go to the grave” as it is known in many cultures.
2 – Pregnancy and childbirth: The girl is forced to stay at home, especially during study exams days.
3 – Alienation of colleagues: The habits and traditions alienate students from married girls, and usually get discarded in the school as a whole, and fear of disclosure of marital relations to students, and many reasons make the girl in an enviable situation.

Thirdly, creating a mentally backward society
If the child is raising a child (a minor raising a minor)
Society becomes mentally and physically deficient,
And the famous proverb says (the mother is a school, if you educate her well, you are educating people of good races)

This parable is sufficient to provide high level of education, progress, culture, reason and thought
mothers to our children,
So that we have children who have graduated from pilot schools,
And it is impossible to find that in minor girls.
Whoever chooses a child to become a mother to his children must not wait for glorious future for them.
If the mother of your children is a child, then your children will be her dolls.
What society is becoming civilized if mothers childhood and dreams was robbed and girls rights were denied in that society?

Fourth: Creating a morally distorted society
Most minors have children who are physically deformed,
Because of the incomplete structure of maturity and incapability of her body to feed the growing child in her belly.
This entails a lot of suffering for parents to assume responsibility and greater concerns in treatment, follow-up and costs, and increase the burden on society and on the country as well.
In addition to the high divorce rate,
And increase of women widowhood, orphaned children,
Tearing up the family, the spread of diseases,
And the breadth of poverty.
A series of calamities are added to a society that lives in an age of advanced technology,
To its dreams and ambitions
To Peace, development and health growth,
And the industry of glory and keeping pace with modern civilized development.
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