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Day: April 13, 2019

The Issue of Education

The file compiled on the state of education in Yemen supports the findings that the system is near a total collapse. Schools are commonly used

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Child Recruitment Issue

The issue of Child Recruitment is one that affects many children in war torn Yemen and other regions experiencing conflict and instability. The Nada Foundation

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Child Marriage Issue

The Nada Foundation was started to deal with the issue of Child Marriage; to educate the public on its harms to the individual, to society

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Television Interviews

To raise awareness and create public dialogue, Nada participated in numerous interviews on MBC1 and Al Arabia. Her story brought to light the realities of

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MBC1 Documentary

Nada’s story came out at a time when Yemen was seeking to reform its constitution. Bringing to attention the issue of child marriage, the case

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Short Films

Many short films were made about Nada’s experiences and shared on social media and official news outlets. The films help in publicising the issues of

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Video goes Viral

Within three days of posting, Nada’s first video on YouTube reached more than six million views. It was widely circulated and ultimately translated into thirty

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