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Nada Foundation

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Meet Nada al-Ahdal from ‪#‎Yemen‬. Nada is 11 years old; she ran away from her family to escape an arranged marriage.

 Check out the video and Nada’s brave and brutally honest statement against ‪#‎childmarriage‬:

Despite national laws and international agreements, child marriage remains a real and present threat to the ‪#‎humanrights‬, lives and health of children, especially girls, in more than a hundred countries. One in three girls in low and middle-income countries (excluding China) will marry before the age of 18.

If we can end child marriage, we can change the lives of ‪#‎girls‬ everywhere. We can help them enjoy their childhoods; enroll them in school and protect them from complicated pregnancies and births.

We can keep girls safe, let’s end child marriage!

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