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2017 Prince Claus Laureate Khadija Al-Salami (Yemen)

This film about Khadija Al-Salami was shown during the 2017 Prince Claus Awards at the Royal Palace Amsterdam.

On 6 December 2017, Khadija Al-Salami received the Prince Claus Award from HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, Honorary Chairman of the Prince Claus Fund.

From the Prince Claus Awards Committee Report:
“Khadija Al-Salami is awarded for her courageous use of the power of film to positively influence and reshape societies in Yemen and beyond; for her strong messages about the global problems of discrimination against women and child marriage; for her unconventional portrayals of Yemeni women, giving insight into hidden lives and enabling women to speak for themselves and demonstrate their potential to change their society; for dealing with sensitive issues in a direct and disarming manner to encourage young girls to persevere in overcoming obstacles; for speaking out and bringing critical and controversial issues that had been silenced to a wide audience; and for her trailblazing role in Yemeni cinema, inspiring young generations of filmmakers to tell their own stories.”

Production: New Amsterdam Film Company
Director & Camera: Juliette Stevens
Editors: Juliette Stevens & Ellemieke Middelhoff
Music: Joris Cohen & Javier Hobe Lasai


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