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Yemen – kids and the war | DW Documentary

Since 2015 Yemen has been in the grip of a bloody conflict as Saudi Arabia leads a coalition against Houthi rebels in the country.

Millions of people in Yemen have been displaced and are facing starvation. Few images are emerging from the war-torn land. Yemeni filmmaker Khadija Al-Salami entrusted her camera to three children. In this documentary, the kids tell about the horrors of war in their own words. Ahmed is 11 years old, Rima is eight and Youssef is nine. They live in Yemen, a country that is experiencing one of today’s most brutal wars and a humanitarian catastrophe. And yet most of the world community seems to be unaware of it. With a camera loaned to them by the Yemeni filmmaker Khadija Al-Salami, the three children film their everyday lives under the daily Saudi airstrikes. They record the testimonies of wounded children in hospitals and children who have lost their parents in the bombardments. Full of childish innocence, they also interview adults: a painter, a rapper and a model who was elected ‘Miss War’ on social media, and ask them to send a message to the only institution they believe can stop the war – the European Union. The film shows no images of violence, which makes the narrative seen through the eyes of the three kids all the more powerful. It is a story of incredible and unswerving hope: the hope that the EU will manage to put an end to the conflict.

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