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Affairs and Marriage Don’t Mix At All

Imagine trying to explain to a small child, whose whole world consisted of his parents and the family unit, that mom and dad are going to be living separately and that he will only be able to see them on alternate weekends.

How awful to split up a family in such a way. One minute you are all happily living under one root and children don’t know (or shouldn’t know) if their parents are having problems. Now, imagine telling the same child that his parents are going to live separately and that he must go and live with mom, only seeing dad during certain days.

Can you imagine the havoc you are wreaking on a small child’s life by doing this?

Is it fair on him?

When you take your marriage vows, you don’t for one minute expect that yours will be one of those marriages affected by one of you being unfaithful.

This is what most people believe and for many a monogamous marriage is all that they will ever want and know.

However for some, they will unfortunately experience the deception and hurt that comes when their spouse has been having an affair.

The shock of this realization will hit like a gun shot wound and the emotional fall out will be heart wrenching.

Around one fifth of married couples, whose marriage has been affected by an affair, decide to go ahead and divorce.

The remaining 80% amazingly decide to turn things around and make their marriage stronger.

For many, it is probably that they come to realize all too late, what they are on the cusp of giving up.

When push comes to shove many come to see that their marriage is what they really want. They don’t want to lose their children, sell and split up their family home, split their assets and go their separate ways.

The affair might have been a little respite, albeit deceitful and a betrayal your loved ones, but looking back, was it really worth it?

A life of seeing the kids on alternate weekends, downsizing to a smaller, affordable apartment and giving up the family home, being single again as opposed to be part of a family – all of these things are so undesirable in the cold light of day.

Perhaps it is no wonder then that many people work harder than ever trying to salvage their marriage and turn it around.

Source by Susan Colby

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