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Divorce Today: Moving Forward in Today's Society

Why is divorce considered so prevalent now-a-days?

Now-a-days, the traditional notification of divorce in under more pressure than ever. Recognizing the factors that lead to a modern day divorce are more important than ever. We need to understand them in order to try to find a viable solution in today`s fast paced life.

There are quite a few commonly known factors that put some people at higher risk for divorce than others:

  • marrying at a very early age,
  • lack of education and income,
  • living together before marriage,
  • premarital pregnancy,
  • lack of or no religious affiliation,
  • feelings of insecurity,

Couples showing a lack of commitment, arguing continuously, pushes into marrying too young, expected to live up to unrealistic expectations, living in an unequal relationship in relation to making important decisions are at higher risk of ending their marriage prematurely.

These types of conflicts are a deadly combination in today`s fast paced lifestyle. Today`s pace is geared towards personal improvement and choices other than encouraging people to invest in personal relationships which take far more commitment and time to fulfill.

In the past, married used to be held together by many different factors; economic dependency, family pressure & expectations, strong religious beliefs- just to name a few. These factors seem to have all weakened with today`s modern and impulsive lifestyle.

Understanding these factors may help you understand why you may be facing some of these challenges in your marriage

Now-a-days interviews seem to be based mostly on the emotion of LOVE . As we all know, emotions can be very unstable and prone to break off in today`s impulsive lifestyle.

If love is lost, is there any point to continuing to hold on to the marriage?

Do you really have the time and patience to invest in your relationship or do you just prefer to move on?

If one`s emotions are not being fulfilled, the effective is there to move on and have a go at a second marriage.

Knowing exactly when to end

  • Do you have the courage? it is after all, a life changing experience.
  • Fallen out of love or constantly feeling helplessness and can not take it anymore?
  • Can you walk away from your relationship and get a divorce with dignity?
  • If you have decided that enough is enough, only you have answers that can help you figure where your future lies.

Having said that, when a marriage is not working since your best efforts, you will absolutely come to accept it, grieve and then move on with your life.

Source by Umesh Chettri

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