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Just a reminder > AU Youth Envoy Opening First Lady of South Sudan Campaign

#EndChildMarriage #Juba

On July 22, 2019, I joined the First lady of South Sudan during camapign launch on ending early child marriage and pregnancy in Juba, South Sudan. My intervention is both in Arabic and English focusing on how to attain the African Union’s continental goal of ending child marriage by 2030. You can read here

We must challenge political and community leaders such as the Chief of Chiefs, but continue working with them to become role models themselves in order for harmful practices to end and gender equality to prevail.

#Mzanzi4SouthSudan #Juba #SouthSudan #BornToLead #Agenda2063 #1Mby2021


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Child marriage is a concerning issue that continues to persist in Europe, despite efforts to combat it. The practice of marrying off young girls to

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