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Just a reminder > A Look at California Child Support Calculator Software


Attorneys, judges or divorcing parents in California cannot simply generate a child support amount out of thin air. Child support amounts are carefully calculated based on detailed guidelines set out by the California state legislature. The formulas reflect the state’s current standard of living, eligible children, prior financial obligations, tax and income information and other relevant factors.

Figuring child support amounts based on California state guidelines can be time-consuming. It means spending time plugging in raw data from a custody or divorce case, filling out calculation worksheets and double checking for accuracy. Unfortunately, it introduces the possibility of human error and the chance that the worksheets don’t reflect the most current guidelines.

Fortunately, you can purchase California child support calculation software to reduce the risk of inaccurate support amounts. Simply input the raw data from your custody or divorce case into the software. Quickly, the program will produce accurate results based on the most current state formulas.

Here are four California calculation software programs, listed alphabetically, that can help you determine accurate and fair child support totals:

1. Calsupport-Nolo Press Occidental created CalSupport software in 1971 specifically for family law professionals. CalSupport includes several user-friendly features like self-guided tutoring, easy navigation and superior technical support. It comes in both a basic and a professional version. It is certified by the California Judicial Council.

2. Dissomaster-A top performer for more than two decades, this family law software package also provides a range of calculation options, including spousal support, asset, division, debt division and arrearage. Dissomaster is compatible with its sister software, Propertizer, which helps divide marital assets and debts. It is certified by the California Judicial Council.

3. SupporTax-A comprehensive family law software suite, SupporTax gives you seven powerful tools to help you navigate the complexities of custody and divorce. Tools include a summary screen, custody worksheet calendar, custody function, asset divider, hourly income calculator, child support reports and judicial court forms. This program is certified by the California Judicial Council.

4. Xspouse-This software not only performs calculations, but also helps you prepare reports based on your case data, such as income reports and findings and rebuttals reports. Law schools, colleges, public libraries and the California courts can receive free copies of Xspouse Professional. Xspouse is certified by the California Judicial Council.

When it comes to calculating support totals, family law professionals such as attorneys, mediators, law clerks and judges turn to calculation software. These programs can make them more productive in preparing cases for court and ensure that the amounts are in line with state guidelines. Whenever the state legislature updates the formulas, the software reflects those changes.

For parents seeking to handle their own divorce proceedings, consider using software designed to take the time and headache out of calculating child support. Most calculation software companies offer a free trial so you can try them out before purchasing.


Source by Pat Southlund

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