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If a child is in threat of being forcibly married what steps are taken?

Child contacts the Nada Foundation

The child may contact the Nada Foundation directly or speak with an ally in her family to contact the Foundation on her behalf.

We communicate with Security Forces

The Nada Foundation team will then communicate with the police that a child is being forced into marriage and initiate legal action to prevent the marriage.

The Foundation works to find a solution with the parents.

The team will work with the child’s parents and family to find an appropriate solution that safeguards the rights of the child.

We report the outcome to the authorities

The Nada Foundation team will notify the authorities of the decision reached by the parents and wether the outcome was positive and the marriage delayed or stopped.

A follow up report is made to ensure the child is safe.

After a marriage has been stopped and a safe haven has been found for the child, the police will do a follow up to check on the child’s wellbeing.

Police Protection

If the parents do not cooperate and attempt to go ahead with marrying the child, security authorities are notified and sent to enact an intervention.

Grant for Education

The child’s status is monitored and a comprehensive grant is provided by the Foundation to ensure continued education of the child.

Welcome to safe havens

We are so happy to have been able to save 11 girls from forced child marriage and place them with trustworthy families. Today we are able to establish three secret protection shelters for minors in the cities of Mareb, Taiz, and Alhudaidah.

The decision to place girls in protection is carefully considered and planned, and always made with her guardians’ full knowledge of all procedures. Once the marriage contract is legally broken in court with the help of the authorities, the Nada Foundation steps in to provide the girl with a safe haven if needed, and a special education to help secure a better future.

As we prepare to open our largest safe shelter for victims of Child Marriage, I would like to thank those guardians who responded to our arguments on behalf of their children. We are also thankful to the trustworthy Yemeni police force, and the Yemeni Women Union (YWU) for their distinguished assistance.

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